Afghanistan roundup: Stories and photo showcases

We’ll publish an occasional roundup of stories and photos from our team in Afghanistan so readers can catch up on anything they’ve missed.

An Afghan boy waits to receive food, including flour, sugar, cooking oil and tea, during a humanitarian assistance mission in which Bravo Company, from the 1-134th Calvary Squadron of the Nebraska National Guard, works with Afghan National Police to hand out food on Wednesday, March 2, 2011. (Photo by Alyssa Schukar)

Photo galleries:

Humanitarian aid mission (March 2)

Kabul City Police Center (March 3)

Alpha Troop assistance (March 6)



Troops coax out rural cops (March 7)
When Alpha Troop arrived as part of the 1-134th Cavalry Squadron, the men found that the local police were getting hammered by Taliban attacks because of a lack of coalition forces in the area. So the police had assumed a defensive posture, hiding in their stations, away from the people they were supposed to protect. Alpha Troop set out to change that with Operation United Front, starting with aid drops as a way to get the local police back out in the community.

Mealtime in Afghanistan March (5)
Mealtime in Afghanistan has its own set of rules.

Nebraska troops make a difference (March 4)
Progress is being made in the effort to bring a sense of law and order to this lawless land, Kabul’s police chief said, and the help of Nebraska National Guard troops is making a difference. But Afghan National Police forces need much more help before they are ready to stand on their own, without the assistance of the U.S. military, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Salangi said.

Nebraska troops deliver food (March 3)
The mission’s goal goes beyond just helping the locals feed their families. The Nebraskans also are seeking to train the Afghan police force and improve its credibility, which has suffered as a result of corruption and ineffectiveness.

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