COMBAT OUTPOST PUSHTAYSHARK – We’re coming up on the midpoint of this nearly two-month assignment.

We’ve already seen so much and met so many good people on the trip.

After spending a couple days earlier this week with Nebraska’s 623rd Engineer Company at Forward Operating Base Sharana, we headed┬áback to Bagram on a late night hop and then headed out first thing the next morning to Combat Outpost Pushtayshark, also known as Red Hill.

Iowa Army National Guard companies from the 334th Brigade Support Battalion and the 1-113th Cav are stationed here at this outpost about 10 to 15 miles away from Bagram. Look for our coverage of their efforts next week.

The plan is to head back to Bagram soon to continue reporting on other Nebraska and Iowa units stationed there.

Hopefully, the second half of this trip will be just as rewarding as the first.

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  1. Debi Krueger says:

    Stay safe!!! I am praying for you and all our troops who are serving but especially those at Red Hill!!!!