Q&A with Staff Sgt. Jeff Budig of Lincoln

An occasional series of chats with one of our troops. 


Staff Sgt. Jeff Budig

Hometown: Lincoln / Age: 25 / Nebraska National Guard’s 195th Forward Support Company

Staff Sgt. Jeff Budig, 25, of Lincoln at Camp Montrond, where he and the 195th Forward Support Company work in maintenance. Budig was deployed to Iraq in 2004-05. (Photo by Alyssa Schukar/The World-Herald)

Q: What do you do here?

A: I am the (motor sergeant) overall responsible for the shop between the vehicles, the allied trade shop and the ATV shop. Everybody that works here works for me. . . . I like it. You learn something new every day. Probably the only challenge, of course, is inexperience. Between the mechanics learning their jobs and making sure we get the right parts on order and those kinds of things. Other than that, we’ve had a pretty smooth transition. Everybody’s been real willing to learn. I can’t do my job without these guys. These guys are the ones putting in all the work. I’m mostly just a figurehead, but these guys are the ones that work real hard. They put in the hours, and they don’t quit until the job gets done.

I was in Iraq in ’04 and ’05 with the 313th (Medical) Company out of Lincoln. It’s a lot different. Before, I was a wrench turner. I was doing what these guys do. But now I’m in charge of it.

Q: You’re stationed at Camp Montrond on Bagram Air Field. Where does the name come from?

A: It’s named after a maintenance support person from 3rd Group Support Battalion, and he was killed in action, so they named this camp after him.

Q: How do you like it here?

A:  I love it here. It’s a different environment (from other bases). It’s a little more relaxed, which makes it more conducive to getting your job done. You don’t have to worry about somebody yelling at you for not having your head gear on or something silly like that. It’s definitely a more relaxed atmosphere, which allows my guys to work more efficiently and to get the job done.
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  1. Thomas Crosby says:

    SSG Budig is the best mechanic I have ever worked with. Stay safe buddy and come back home.