Service Memory: The Korean War

Basil B. ‘Bud’ Carlson

PO3 GM, U.S. Navy
Served from 1951 to 1955, in combat aboard USS Iowa in 1952 during Korean War.

Memory (submitted by son Ben): Bud Carlson served with two brothers, Lee and Stan, aboard the USS Iowa. They had to get special permission from their parents and the captain of the ship to allow them to serve together. All three brothers made friends during their service time.
The USS Iowa relieved the USS Wisconsin and went into action, firing first rounds April 8, 1952. On May 25, 1952, a Chinese radio broadcast said the Iowa had been sunk off the coast of Korea. Not so. Lemonte and Stan joined Bud aboard the USS Iowa in March 1953. The three were on the Iowa together for 18 months.
Everyday life in the service included work on the 5-inch 38 guns. Kept them all repaired and serviced, painted deck and holystoned the wooden deck. The gunpowder used in the projectiles was made in Hastings, which was 52 miles from hometown of Holdrege.
After being discharged in October 1955, Bud drove home from Virginia to Holdrege. Family and friends were welcoming and glad he was back. His mother was glad and relieved and in much better spirits than when the three bothers had left together after being home on leave.
Four other brothers also served: Harry Jr. in the Army and Neal, Randy and Jack in the Navy, with at least one of the Carlson brothers in the service over a 25-year period from World War II to the Vietnam War.

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