Service Memory: The Vietnam War

Ed Brink

Arion, Iowa
Spc. E5, U.S. Army
Served nine years, 10 months of active duty, in Vietnam from August 1968 to August 1969.

Memory: “(I was) stationed at many fire support bases around Cu Chi, Firebase Washington, Nui Ba Den and Black Virgin Mountain. Worked in motor pool all day, stood guard at night. Helped out on big guns, a 155mm self-propelled howitzer once in a while and drove jeeps from Cu Chi to base camps for mail.
“Second Field Force, 1st Cavalry and others were almost overrun outside Tay Ninh base camp. Thank God for the infantry. We had their back, and they had ours. My battery commander was severely wounded coming to check on our foxhole. We were guarding the main gate during a rocket-propelled grenade attack with Viet Cong sappers in the wire.
“We had the war won, but the government and anti-war protesters stole it from us. All we had to do was keep up the bombing. All of the forces — foreign and domestic — will never be forgotten. To all vets: Go help put up flags on Veterans Day, try to move on and never forget. Some gave all, all gave some.”

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